Corporate branding is a more expansive concept than branding for products because it is focused on the mindset and spirit of a business and its reputation in the market. It helps determine the unique selling proposition (USP) of an organization and differentiates it from its rivals.

Corporate branding has many advantages, such as helping companies stand out from competition, building customer loyalty, and decreasing the need to market. It allows for the expansion of the brand and recognition of products over time, since customers recognize them as having a familiar name.

A well-defined brand is important for any company. It can be employed for advertising, public relations, as well as employee recruitment. Creating a strong corporate brand requires much thought and strategy to ensure that the corporate message is communicated in a professional manner.

The process of creating a brand for your company can be a daunting task for small and large companies alike. While the admen on Madison Avenue might have you believe that branding for corporate purposes was a success in the smoky boardrooms with martinis in the background, the advent of social media and the internet has brought a whole new set of challenges that need a fresh approach. Many companies are merging corporate branding with marketing, communications and even social and environmental responsibility initiatives.

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